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DSI membership options:

Join Today! DSI has three levels of membership for individuals: Regular, Associate, and Principal. Descriptions are provided in the chart below. Discount rates are available for students and seniors/retirees. New members must apply for a regular membership initially. Join now and save! Corporate/organizational memberships are also available. Enquire at 877-DSI-MICH or membership@dsi-institute.org.

Member Type Applicant Qualifications DSI Benefits Opportunities Cost
Regular Student - Enrolled in high school or a post-secondary institution
- Not working full-time
- Age 16 or older
- DSI Member card
- DSI Members-only web access
- DSI newsletter
- Discounts on DSI events, products and services
- Network with business professionals
- Ideas for career development
Regular Professional - Work experience
- Age 18 or older
- Networking
- Gain a competitive edge
Regular Senior/Retiree - 25 or more years of work experience
- Not working full-time
- Age 55 or older
- Networking
- Peer social activity
- Participation in discussions
Associate Student - Regular member in good standing
- Resumé submitted to DSI and approved
- Pass interview by DSI membership-review board
- All benefits of Regular membership
- May apply to work with DSI operations
- May apply to work on grant/client projects
- May apply for teaching, faciltator, and mentor positions
- Access to DSI publishing services
- Real-world experience
- Class credit for project work
- Internships
- Letters of recommendation
Associate Professional - Broadened, fresh experience
- Sharpen skills
- Feel good in doing something you care about
Associate Senior/Retiree - Re-energize by passing your knowledge on to the younger generation
- Apply your wisdom to today's big challenges!
Principal - Associate member in good standing
- Pass interview by DSI membership-review board
- All benefits of Associate membership
- Name posted on our web roster
- May apply for DSI leadership and voting positions
- Contribute to DSI's development and growth
- Interact with peers at a high level

* Prices given are reduced annual dues rates in effect till June 1, 2015. Members graduating to a higher membership category during their membership year will be charged only the pro-rated difference in cost.