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Advisory and consulting

There have been large shifts in the way organizations develop and deliver products and services. As the speed of technological innovation and the complexity and interdependence of systems increase, companies can no longer "wing it". Product failure, systems which are unreliable and difficult to understand and operate increasingly are being rejected by end users. Product failures, particularly those which affect life, well-being, and economics, are being subjected to increased scrutiny and penalty, especially by government and regulators. Consumers, battered by such failures, are voting with their wallets.

New standards, designed to address specific deficiencies in modern business, are evolving and being made mandatory. Some examples of such far-reaching standards are ISO 26262, IEC 60601-1, ISO 14971, ISO 15288. Enterprises which fail to comply with these standards simply will not be able to continue in business!

DSI's purpose is to help you bridge this transition into the new way of doing business. We can help you prepare for these mandated changes. We can help you develop a compliance plan specific to your business and generate the required documentation to demonstrate that compliance.